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The house

El patio 77We decided to open this eco-friendly, sustainable bed and breakfast because of our experience living "green" and helping to develop the environmental movement in Mexico. To us, this initiative has become even more urgent as Mexico City is facing a water crisis never seen before. Water resources are exhausted in the region, ground water is overexploited and the local government is trying to find ways to bring water from locations farther and farther away from this city located at 2,300 meters altitude (7,550 feet)!

We think government has to play its role and we have to change our habits. Therefore we decided to transform this historic house into a more eco-friendly one. We use some new technologies and other ancient Aztec ones that allow us to save water and energy. We recycle water from the roof and showers, and use solar panels for our water-heater system.

Tourism done in the "wrong way" as it is in some places, like the huge, industrial tourist complex in Cancún, can be devastating. At "El Patio 77", we want to promote another way of travelling that is more respectful of nature and humanity.


Gallery "La 77"

La 77, The B&B's gallery opened its doors the 7/7/2010 and offers new exhibition every 2 months.

La 77 team: Alan V Favero and Beatriz Hernández.

For further information about exhibitions, artits or to make an appointment:

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