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San Rafael is a traditional, colonial neighborhood and one of the first planned in the city. It is located in the middle of Mexico City's main attractions. You will find the old market San Cosme (number 8) just 2 blocks from the guest house, as well as the beautiful Reforma Avenue, museums (Eco, Chopo, San Carlos), gourmet restaurants offering local fare, and lots of theatres. If you decide to spend more time in Mexico City, we will be glad to recommend circuits and experiences outside what you'll find in the guidebooks.

Have a look to this article: "Enrich your visit with a stay at El patio 77" by EVE PEARCE

If you live in Britain and are looking to escape to warmer and sunnier climes, and to experience a vibrant city and culture, Mexico City makes an ideal destination. Even in the winter, temperatures here can reach 20°C and it is not unknown for them to top 30°C in May, which is the warmest month; between November and April is a good time to visit if you are looking to avoid wet weather. Mexico’s capital offers everything from Aztec temples to modern art museums and boasts so much that if you are taking the trip across the Atlantic, you could spend a week or more here and still not manage to see everything recommended by the guide books. Then there are all the additional attractions that we can suggest to you, providing you with a richer experience than the average tourist who visits Mexico City from Britain; whatever you wish to see or do, we can help you to organise activities so you can get the most out of your stay here. The warm welcome that we provide guests staying with us at El Patio 77 is echoed around the city, so whether you are enjoying a meal in a restaurant, a drink in a bar or taking in a cultural performance in the street, you will be given the same friendly reception. However, go beyond our warm hospitality and El Patio 77 has a lot more to offer British guests.

An eco-friendly stay in comfort

If you like to be able to tell your friends back home of the unique experiences you have had while away on holiday, staying in Mexico City’s first eco-friendly bed and breakfast certainly ticks that box. It is ideal if you share our passion for protecting the planet and want to have a positive impact on the area where you holiday. However, by placing the environment as a priority, your comfort is in no way compromised, so you will still enjoy a luxurious stay in our recently renovated property, which you will remember for all the right reasons.

Peace and relaxation

Despite being situated in one of the largest cities in the world, when you stay at El Patio 77, you wouldn’t think so. It offers a quiet corner for anyone wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of modern life; enjoying breakfast in the courtyard or sitting out on your balcony are just two of the relaxing experiences you can look forward to as a guest.

Convenient location

If you are used to everything being within easy reach, our bed and breakfast is ideally located in the San Rafael neighbourhood. You do not have to venture far to appreciate the rich architecture and culture of the area; take in the 16th century San Cosme Church, the fine buildings of the 19th and early 20th century and the Hilario Galguera art gallery, which features works by both Mexican artists and those on the international scene such as Damien Hirst. San Rafael also offers a convenient location to enjoy your evenings; sample the local cuisine and even enjoy a show at one of the area’s theatres, allowing you to compare and contrast what you are used to. However, the city’s main attractions are just one subway stop away at Zócalo, so if you are looking for further cultural enrichment during the day, you can be amongst the action in no time. The square here is an impressive sight, being one of the largest plazas across the globe. Surrounded by the cathedral, the National Palace and a number of other official buildings, there is a lot to soak up. The site of the city’s main Aztec temple is located just minutes away; visit the museum here to learn more about the ancient culture of New Mexico.

Make your money go further

For guests affected by the credit crunch, staying at El Patio 77 provides great value for money and as you are within easy reach of the airport and city centre, as well as there being plenty to do right on our doorstep, you will also save considerably on transport costs. Although you might have read that you can pay for purchases in US dollars, it is more cost effective to convert your British pounds into Mexican pesos; check the exchange rate to get the best deal. Although it is easy to spend a lot on tourist attractions, Mexico City offers many that do not have a charge attached to them; examples include exploring its many churches and parks, browsing street markets and watching street performances. We can provide additional advice on which museums, galleries and other attractions are free to visit. Hiring a bike is another cheap way to enjoy a morning or afternoon in the city and is good for your health and the environment into the bargain. Alternatively, embrace your eco- friendly stay by providing assistance locally on a wildlife project; you will gain a lot from the experience, yet it will be light on your wallet. These are just a few of the very good reasons to stay with us at El Patio 77; book a room with us and you will discover many more.

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Access to El Patio 77

El Patio 77 has an ideal location. The inn is just 3 blocks from the San Cosme subway station. This subway line goes straight to the zócalo, Mexico City's main plaza--the site of gorgeous colonial cathedrals, ancient Aztec ruins and the most important national government buildings. You can easily access the city's attractions by public transportation (subway, bus, or the "metrobus" rapid transit system) or walking.

* Neighborhood's map, To print it: "click right on the map+ print"
* El patio 77 entrance



From el patio 77 to Distance in miles
Fine Arts Palace 1.55 miles
Zócalo 2.15 miles
Independence Angel 0.90 miles
Anthropology Museum 1.85 miles
Popular Art Museum 1.25 miles
Revolution monument 0.75 miles
"Parque México", Condesa neighborhood 2 miles
Plaza Luis Cabrera, Roma´s Neighborhood 1.80 miles
Teotihuacán Piramids 26 miles
Mexico City international Airport 6 miles

From the airport

The Mexico City International Airport is located in the east part of the city just 20 minutes by taxi and 35 minutes by bus from El Patio 77 .